08/04/2018 - What the heck is Human Arts Photography?

Human Arts Photography can conjure up many different ideas. In my first blog post, I talk about what it means to me.

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SO... WHY DID I name my photography business Human Arts Photography? The term might bring up different ideas in different people, so I want to explain what it means to me.

When you Google Human Arts, you'll see lots of images of the human body in really creative poses and lighting, and while that kind of work is interesting from an abstract artistic perspective, that's not the type of work I do. My work serves a specific commercial or editorial purpose, but that doesn't mean it's not creative.

To me, Human Arts Photography is really all about getting to the essence of what makes us human: the art of being alive. I explore this question with my portrait photography. Essentially, I strive to capture what drives us and what makes us tick.

I want to capture those subtle expressions and emotions, candid moments of authenticity. I will work with you to determine what story you want to tell. Everyone has a story, so let me help you express yours. I believe that storytelling is an art.

Not only will we work together to capture your true self in my portrait photography sessions; but I will bring my emotional intelligence and sensitivity to our session: creating a relaxed and open environment for you to express yourself naturally.

Art is everywhere you look, so let’s make some together!

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