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My Story

I’m Mark Sorenson, the founder of Human Arts Photography. Thanks for stopping by!

I have always been an artist and a storyteller. I grew up studying fine arts and graphic design, and, after I received my B.A. in visual communication, I started my career in the publishing industry. These last 15 years as an art director for multiple national magazines has helped me hone my craft, but I found I wasn’t telling the stories that I wanted to tell.

Being a natural empath, I care about people. I’m deeply curious about others—their experiences and lives. I want to share personal, yet powerful, stories—the stories we don’t often hear about. And I want to share those stories with the world, visually. That's why I started Human Arts Photography.

The world is a crazy place right now, and consumers are yearning for brands to recognize—and react sensitively to—these quickly changing times. As an emotionally intelligent creative, I will work with you to craft authentic images, be it lifestyle, portrait or event photography, capturing those moments that best communicate your brand's story with honesty and integrity.

My process is simple: I will spend time getting to know your brand and what kind of problems you are trying to solve, and then I will develop a custom solution for you. Let me use my years of experience in publishing and advertising to elevate your brand's marketing message with powerful images.

While lifestyle portrait photography is my jam, my time as an art director and photographer for commercial and residential architecture and home design magazines has taught me how to effectively photograph your home or business. (See more at thelogphotog.com). I have a keen eye for composition and a deep understanding of lighting, styling, and editing that I will use to showcase your home or business to increase your leads and sales.

I’m also a product photographer. Designing the mood with creative lighting and set design in a studio does wonders to tell the story of your product, especially for e-commerce.

My portrait, event, architectural, and product photography sessions take place, on-location and in studio, in the Washington D.C. metro area. For the right price however, I am happy to travel to any part of the country for a photo shoot.

Let’s get started! Hit me up for a free consultation and let's figure out how I can best help you make some amazing images.

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